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Copywriting SERvices

 Freelance Copywriting, Content Writing and Public Relations Services

Copywriting Services

Drive action with my copywriting services. I write persuasive copy that will sell your brand, convey your message, outline your benefits and propel your audience forward with a clear call to action. Using tried and tested copywriting techniques and formulas, such as the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and the 4 Us (Unique, Ultra-Specific, Urgent and Useful), my copywriting services are all about promotion and grabbing the attention of your customer. It’s sales copy if you like. Services include copywriting for websites, landing pages, email marketing, straplines and advertisements. 

Content Writing Services 

Inspire and engage your audience with clear, compelling content. My content writing services focus on helping clients form relationships with their audience throughout their buyer journey. I create well-researched content that challenges the status quo and is driven by insights. Where appropriate I also use storytelling techniques to connect with your audience on an emotional level. My content writing services include case studies, blogs, white papers and ebooks. All content is optimised for search with user intent firmly in mind – you won’t get any keyword stuffing with me.

Public Relations Services

Build trust and credibility in your brand with my public relations services. With extensive experience in PR and editorial, I know what makes a great pitch and a newsworthy story. I’ve sat on both sides of the fence, as a business magazine editor and as a senior level PR manager – both in house and within a global PR agency. I can help your business gain that much sought after third-party endorsement from industry journalists and can help you pitch yourself as a thought-leader in your target publications. As well as offering content writing services for public relations activities, such as features, case studies and press releases, I offer pitch writing and media relations services.

Content Strategy Services

Set and reach goals with my content strategy services. I work with organisations to develop their content marketing strategy, focusing on their purpose and goals, their audience personas, their key content pillars, suitable content formats, how to activate their plans and how to measure success. My content strategy services typically start with an audit of existing content, to enable me to identify clear gaps as well as opportunities to update and repurpose existing content. 

My Services


Press Releases

Announce product launches, partnerships, successes and company announcements with well-written, targeted press releases. I’ll help you find your story, create newsworthy SEO press releases and help you reach the right journalists at the right time. 


Brochure Copywriting

Persuade your customers to take action with attention-grabbing brochure copy that tells your story, showcases your products and highlights your key benefits. I’ll help you create powerful brochure content that engages readers and persuades them to take action.


Media Pitches

Pique the interest of journalists in your story, thought leadership, insights and brand with expertly written media pitches. With over 15 years’ experience in PR and as a previous business magazine editor, I’ll help you craft a pitch to grab the attention of your target publication.


Blog Article Copywriting

Drive organic traffic to your website and position your brand as a thought-leader in its field. Not only will I write your blog, but I’ll also help you determine the best topics to talk about to ensure you create insightful, share-worthy blogs with your audience’s interests and search terms firmly in mind.

SEO Copywriting

Improve your search engine rankings with compelling SEO content. I’ll determine your relevant keywords and phrases and create insightful, valuable content that both satisfies your audience’s search intent and works favourably with Google’s algorithms.

Award Entries

Share your company’s successes, gain industry recognition and boost your profile with expertly written award entries. With many winning and short-listed award entries under my belt, I can craft persuasive award submissions to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Case Study Copywriting

Demonstrate your company’s value with real-life examples of how you have helped your customers overcome challenges and reach their goals. I write compelling case studies, with a strong focus on story-telling. It’s not enough to simply tell your clients how great you are, you need to prove it.

Feature Articles

Position your company and senior management team as thought-leaders. I write pitch-perfect feature articles that challenge the status-quo and are driven by insights. I can write features that respond to specific journalist requests and can also help you pro-actively pitch your ideas to your target media.


PR Consultancy

Elevate and protect your company’s reputation and shape how customers and influencers view your brand. I can help you develop your PR strategy to boost your credibility, tell your story and secure earned media opportunities. I also offer media liaison and pitch writing services.

White Paper Reports

Highlight your company’s thought-leadership and research with authoritative whitepapers. I can help you commission research, define key messages and insights, and craft a compelling whitepaper report that highlights your expertise and recommendations.

Social Media Management

Connect with your audience and influencers with relatable, valuable, sharable content tailored to your demographic. I can help you define your social strategy, find your voice and share your brand’s personality.  I have experience across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Email Marketing

Build brand loyalty and trust in your brand with personalised, valuable email marketing campaigns. I can help you create email marketing copy to increase your open and click-through rates and connect with your prospects, leads and customers.

Not found what you’re looking for?

I have experience across the full spectrum of copywriting, content writing, traditional marketing, digital marketing and public relations. There are many copywriting services I offer in addition to the above, such as ebook copywriting, taglines, advertisement copywriting, content repurposing, strapline copywriting and content appraisal.  The above is a snapshot of my most popular copywriting services.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in my list of copywriter services, get in touch and I will do my best to help.